Hospitality and Social Distancing

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Gav asked me to do a blog about hospitality at some stage and how we can get even better at godly hospitality individually and as a church. It’s a bit difficult to encourage you to … Read More


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An organisation called Ship of Fools has volunteers who come into Churches anywhere in the world as any visitor would. They join in wholeheartedly with the singing and worship. They listen thoughtfully to the sermon. … Read More

Your Kingdom, Come

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We live in a bit of a “me” culture. We live at a time when people are obsessed with finding time for themselves. We post pictures on instagram of #metime or #selfcare, and I do … Read More

Resvolution: Bible Reading

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Pick up your phone. Open up your settings app. Now check your screen time… Where is it going? Or more pointedly, what are you letting influence you? Now it’s easy to take pot shots at … Read More

Resvolution: Habits

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The Jesus Truth Plus the Jesus Way Brings the Jesus Life. Dallas Willard There is a common mistake we make. We think Jesus asks us to believe in him, when he actually asks to follow … Read More

Resvolution: Rest

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Jesus said: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:15 Fruit and … Read More


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Christmas rolls around faster every year - but what should we do during the advent period?

Didn’t we just do this?! Maybe I’m getting old, but Christmas seems to roll around faster every year – and that doesn’t factor in the build-up! It seems like the shops are in pre-Christmas mode … Read More


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Generosity is also an investment. It is an investment in God’s Kingdom. It is an act of trust that acknowledges: everything we have is a gift, and that he has big plans for this world…


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God is generous. He doesn’t just gives us everything we need. He blesses us abundantly! A full measure, shaken together and pressed down, poured into our laps. Even to those who reject him (Matthew 5:45). … Read More